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Haven’t you received your “membership number and tentative password”?

Before making an inquiry, please check all the mail folders of your registered PC e-mail address. The e-mail from "@amuse.co.jp” may have been sorted into the spam folder automatically.

Did you type a wrong PC e-mail address
in the “WORLD P.T.A.” membership registration process?

If an e-mail from "@amuse.co.jp” has not been sent to any of your mail folders, you may have registered a wrong PC e-mail address.

In that case, please contact us by using the inquiry form. Please select "About procedures for changing e-mail address" as the title of inquiry and enter all the information listed below.
*If you can log in, please go to “My Page” of the members-only website and follow the procedure for changing your registered e-mail address.

▼Information to be entered in the inquiry form
(1) serial number
(2) registered e-mail address
(3) registered name
(4) membership ID (if available)

As soon as we confirm the information, we will follow the procedure for replacing your registered PC e-mail address with the new one you entered in the inquiry form.