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*Standard language in this site is Japanese. 
This is an official fan club to connect “Perfume” and “you” for non-Japanese residents. With a purchase of <WORLD LSG (T-shirt)> with serial number, you can enjoy many member only contents. Please support Perfume from all around the world!
Perfume OFFICIAL FANCLUB “WORLD P.T.A.” membership privileges
Access to member only website
(same contents as “P.T.A.” website/in Japanese)
You can enjoy member only special website with exclusive contents such as Perfume member and staff blogs, BTS report of video shoot, PHOTO page full of exclusive live photos, exclusive BTS videos, download gifts and much more!
Member only original merchandises *1 You can purchase original merchandises only available for fan club members!
Exclusive events You can participate in exclusive fan club events held irregularly! In addition to the Perfume’s signature live performances, there will be special contents for fan club members. This is a great chance to get to know Perfume deeper.
*Fan club events are held irregularly. There is no guarantee that there will be an event held every year.
Tour info and advance ticket reservation *2 You will be the first ones to receive Perfume tour info with chances for advance ticket reservation.
*For high demand tickets, please note that the ticket reservation will be done with lottery system.
Participate in TV and radio recordings open to public *3 You will get a chance to participate in the TV and radio recording when it’s open to public. This is a chance for you to catch Perfume in a different environment outside of concert!
*For high demand shows, winners will be chosen by lottery system.

*1 WORLD P.T.A. members may also purchase P.T.A. magazines (published twice a year) and DVD (once a year). (P.T.A. magazines and DVD are not included in the WORLD P.T.A. membership privileges,)

*2 Advance ticket reservation for some shows may not include WORLD P.T.A. members. Please note that advance ticket reservation will be offered to P.T.A. and WORLD fan club will follow after.

*3 Participation of TV and radio recordings may not be available for some programs.

*Due to access restrictions in some countries, you may not be able to access WORLD P.T.A. website. Even in those cases, fee is non-refundable.


WOLRD P.T.A. in 2019

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