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Privacy Policy

Acquisition of personal information

The Company will acquire customers’ personal information (hereinafter “Personal Information”) using legal and fair means by clearly indicating the purpose of use in advance.

Use of Personal Information

Personal Information acquired and managed by the Company shall be used for the below purposes. The Company will outsource a part of its business and provide outsourced parties with the Personal Information to the necessary extent to efficiently conduct its business. In this event, the Company will enter into an agreement on the handling of the Personal Information with the outsourced parties and supervise them properly.

Purpose of forwarding or transmitting by post or e-mail, etc. information on products and services, including CDs and DVDs of artists belonging to the Company, and public performances and enrollment in fan clubs, information on new movies produced and/or distributed by the Company, information on events, information on products, services, etc. of Company affiliates, and information on the conducting of questionnaires relating to the foregoing, to the customers’ addresses or e-mail addresses that were indicated at the time of application

Provision of Personal Information to third parties

The Company will provide no third party with Personal Information without the customer’s approval, with the exception of cases with a legitimate reason, including cases of permission under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other applicable laws and ordinances.

Management of Personal Information

The Company will make efforts to keep Personal Information correct and updated to the extent necessary for the purpose of use, take proper security measures against illegal access and computer viruses, and implement necessary and sufficient safety measures against leakage, absence, loss, alteration, etc. of Personal Information. The Company will also conduct comprehensive in-house education for proper handling of customers’ Personal Information.

Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc. of Personal Information

When a customer requests disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc. of his or her Personal Information retained by the Company, the Company will promptly respond based on prescribed procedures. The Company will forward or transmit to customers by post, e-mail, etc., information on products and services of the Company and the Company’s affiliates, etc., that are considered beneficial to customers, within the scope of the purpose stated in item 2. The Company will promptly suspend such forwarding and transmission to customers who do not desire it upon the customer’s request. Inquiries from customers who desire suspension of distribution by post, e-mail, etc. and other inquiries about Personal Information retained and managed by the Company will be accepted via the following method. Please understand that requests for disclosure, etc. not using the above method for acceptance may be declined.

1. Method of contact and contact point

Please send your inquiry by e-mail to the following address;

2. Identification

The Company will confirm a customer’s identity through checking of documentation such as a driver’s license, passport, insurance identification certificate of health insurance, seal-registration certificate, through callback to a telephone number registered with the Company, and through check, etc. of information registered with the Company, such as name, address, telephone number, identification number, transfer account number or credit card number.

Protection of Personal Information at other websites

The Company will assume no responsibility for the protection of customers’ Personal Information at other websites linked to the Company’s website.


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(Notes) Precedence of Japanese Version

The original version of this Privacy Policy was prepared in Japanese. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Japanese versions, the Japanese version will take precedence.